The group consists of Kid Cudi and producer Dot da Genius. The style is very much rock influenced, lot of riffs with distortion and hard drum beats are to be expected. This is because WZRD, are in fact a rock group. Yes, kid cudi is now part of a rock band and there is no rapping whatsoever on this album. Now we all know last time a ‘rapper’ tried to do rock was Lil Wayne with Rebirth and we all know that wasn’t anywhere near a good album. Cudi has really out one himself with this product and has made sure that the outcome was quality rather than just an experiment. Also don’t forget that in his first album Man on the moon:The end of day he certainly rocky songs such as ‘Soundtrack to my life’. Don’t get me wrong either im not saying he had rock songs but more rock influenced.

Cudi himself has been involved with smoking too much ‘urb’ and doing hard drugs. He recently checked out of rehab and since has been working out this album. Now sober, (at least in most of the day) he has been able to experience life and love it for what it is. Which he explains in the second song High Off Life ‘I never ever thought it could be, never thought the day would come for me, when i woud be high off life, oh there’s so much I havent  seen!’.

A very impressive album from WZRD. If you’re looking for something different again this is another album to have a listen to.

Songs to watch for:

High off life
Love hard


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