The Black Keys


The Black Keys – El Amino

This is an album I am tipping to be the best in 2012. Yes, I know it is only the start of the year and there could be much better music. However I had this feeling about Adele’s 21. The black keys have managed to bring back rock’n’roll which many have thought that those days were gone. The band is very tight, musically meaning that what you here on this album is going to be a close reproduction when you see them live. I guarantee it!

El Camino is there 7th album and yet most of you womt even know who The Black Keys are. They most definately have improved from previous albums which is apparent in their catchy riffs and the way the lyrics coupled with the instruments fits as a whole to give a high quality product. Fans of The Black Keys most certainly won’t be dissapointed with this addition to their discography.

Stand out songs:

Little black submarines – Starts off with authentic acoustic picking and swiftly moves into a euphoric rock heaven. As the distortion kicks in and the drums roll it feels like you are in the times of Jimi Hendrix and his peers. Yes I said Jimi Hendrix. You’ll find yourself feeling the swagger that the music is portraying and maybe playing air instruments. Air guitar is my favourite choice.

Nova baby – Summer anthem that sounds similar to songs from the like of The Strokes and The Kooks. Another songs that you will find yourself singing to.

This album is a must get for 2012. No qualms about that and expect them to grab the next Grammys. Not into rock’n’roll? Try out this album and give it a go.


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