Summer Album of 2011


Wiz khalifa – Rolling Papers

This was my summer album for many reasons. For years, a close friend of mine was telling me to listen to Wiz Khalifa but i never took any notice. Until I managed to get hold of his album. I didn’t know much about him before hearing his album so it was first impressions for me. One thing that is obvious is that he likes his weed which is mentioned in almost every song. However something that stood out to me was that he was still able to make songs that didn’t always talk about one thing (which is always something I look out for).

His style of music is not for everyone, and like a lot of artists prior to him. Certain fans felt like he had ‘sold out’ due to his more synth-influenced music in this album. Though when you listen to it you will like more than half of the album just from the melodies that flow in sync with the music. His word play on certain songs will amuse with punchlines such as Fly Solo ‘without me your’e a dime, but with me your a buck 50’ to more mellow metaphors  in Get Your Shit ‘what we had was big but you gone miss the small things’

If you are looking for an album that you can relax to on a summers night or summer in general. This is definately an easy listen and the chord-progressions create a mood of ‘easy-going’. It also has a balance of party records to much more introsoective songs that make people think. My only complaint would be that he talks about weed too much but that wouldn’t be Wiz Khalifa because right now in his life, that’s what he does. However this album is right at the top for one of the best albums of 2011 in my opinion. 


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