Chris Brown – Sweet Love

This is going to be Chris Brown’s new and first single from his upcoming album FORTUNE. Much to the surprise of a lot of people because they probably thought that Turn up the music was going to be the single. However this could show how strong his upcoming album is going to be if it isn’t the leading single and can only be good news for C.Breezy fans.

Anyway this song isn’t for the faint-hearted and sees Chris return to his more R’n’B side.


Chris Brown – How I feel !NEW VIDEO!

Music’s most influential figures: Jay-Z and Kanye West


‘Life is good when you’re at the top’. This definately applies to these two hip-hop legends. Jay-Z gave Kanye West his time to shine and since Kanye hasn’t looked back. Alone they have sold ridiculous units together is just another story and a whole other ball game.

Jay-Z was also responsible for the pop monster that is Rihanna. She is arguably the biggest pop artist out at the moment and last year completed a 100-date tour. To normal folk that means a LOT of crazy money. Also on his label is the UK’s own Cher Lloyd and other upcoming artists such as Rita Orsa. The future is most definately shining bright.

Kanye West responsible for Kid Cudi and Big Sean who are signed to his G.O.OD music label are two big rappers in their own right. The word visionary definately comes to mind when talking about Kanye West and from fashion to music videos he definately is an original character.

Both visionaries and very influential figures that i am not going to write anymore. Do your research! 🙂



The group consists of Kid Cudi and producer Dot da Genius. The style is very much rock influenced, lot of riffs with distortion and hard drum beats are to be expected. This is because WZRD, are in fact a rock group. Yes, kid cudi is now part of a rock band and there is no rapping whatsoever on this album. Now we all know last time a ‘rapper’ tried to do rock was Lil Wayne with Rebirth and we all know that wasn’t anywhere near a good album. Cudi has really out one himself with this product and has made sure that the outcome was quality rather than just an experiment. Also don’t forget that in his first album Man on the moon:The end of day he certainly rocky songs such as ‘Soundtrack to my life’. Don’t get me wrong either im not saying he had rock songs but more rock influenced.

Cudi himself has been involved with smoking too much ‘urb’ and doing hard drugs. He recently checked out of rehab and since has been working out this album. Now sober, (at least in most of the day) he has been able to experience life and love it for what it is. Which he explains in the second song High Off Life ‘I never ever thought it could be, never thought the day would come for me, when i woud be high off life, oh there’s so much I havent  seen!’.

A very impressive album from WZRD. If you’re looking for something different again this is another album to have a listen to.

Songs to watch for:

High off life
Love hard

New music: Chris Brown – How I Feel

An introspective song by Chris Brown in which he touches on various such as his mother being abused, his own ‘tragedy and fame as a whole.

New music: Usher – Climax

A classic story telling video that sees Usher carrying a gun too. Good video.

Music’s most influential figures: Justin Timberlake


Justin Timberlake. Hugely influential in the pop world. Started off on a tv talent show at the tender age of 12 with the likes of Britney Spear and Christina Aguilera. Part of one of the biggest boy bands of all time NSYNC. Had a hugely successful career asa solo artist with hits such as Cry Me A River, Senorita and more recently Sexyback. He definately knows his way around the music business and is highly liked by almost everyone in the world! Now, he is creative director at Myspace in an attempt to win back popularity from other social networking sites. He is definately a pioneer and a music legend already.

I haven’t even mentioned the movies he’s been in and his career already sounds glittered up. Recently he has been involved in movies such as Friends With Benefits, Shrek and The Social Network to name a few. He is definately multi-talented.

I have no songs for people to listen to. Just albums, because that’s how high I rate his music.

Justified and Futuresex/Lovesounds are albums worth getting.

Music’s most influential figures: Tupac


A man ridiculed by fame and the life of being in the ‘hood’. Tupac Shakur survived with the odds stacked up against him. Most definately a loveable man he was also very socially aware. His mother, a single parent and former blank panther taught him a lot about society so at a very young age he felt like he didn’t have to be in school. Instead, he started a career in rapping which opened his doors to acting in famous movies such as Juice.

It’s a shame that he died, at all. A man who increased the popularity of rap and paved the way for many.  A truly influential figure.

Songs to listen to:

Dear Mama
Me Against The World

The Black Keys


The Black Keys – El Amino

This is an album I am tipping to be the best in 2012. Yes, I know it is only the start of the year and there could be much better music. However I had this feeling about Adele’s 21. The black keys have managed to bring back rock’n’roll which many have thought that those days were gone. The band is very tight, musically meaning that what you here on this album is going to be a close reproduction when you see them live. I guarantee it!

El Camino is there 7th album and yet most of you womt even know who The Black Keys are. They most definately have improved from previous albums which is apparent in their catchy riffs and the way the lyrics coupled with the instruments fits as a whole to give a high quality product. Fans of The Black Keys most certainly won’t be dissapointed with this addition to their discography.

Stand out songs:

Little black submarines – Starts off with authentic acoustic picking and swiftly moves into a euphoric rock heaven. As the distortion kicks in and the drums roll it feels like you are in the times of Jimi Hendrix and his peers. Yes I said Jimi Hendrix. You’ll find yourself feeling the swagger that the music is portraying and maybe playing air instruments. Air guitar is my favourite choice.

Nova baby – Summer anthem that sounds similar to songs from the like of The Strokes and The Kooks. Another songs that you will find yourself singing to.

This album is a must get for 2012. No qualms about that and expect them to grab the next Grammys. Not into rock’n’roll? Try out this album and give it a go.

Summer Album of 2011


Wiz khalifa – Rolling Papers

This was my summer album for many reasons. For years, a close friend of mine was telling me to listen to Wiz Khalifa but i never took any notice. Until I managed to get hold of his album. I didn’t know much about him before hearing his album so it was first impressions for me. One thing that is obvious is that he likes his weed which is mentioned in almost every song. However something that stood out to me was that he was still able to make songs that didn’t always talk about one thing (which is always something I look out for).

His style of music is not for everyone, and like a lot of artists prior to him. Certain fans felt like he had ‘sold out’ due to his more synth-influenced music in this album. Though when you listen to it you will like more than half of the album just from the melodies that flow in sync with the music. His word play on certain songs will amuse with punchlines such as Fly Solo ‘without me your’e a dime, but with me your a buck 50’ to more mellow metaphors  in Get Your Shit ‘what we had was big but you gone miss the small things’

If you are looking for an album that you can relax to on a summers night or summer in general. This is definately an easy listen and the chord-progressions create a mood of ‘easy-going’. It also has a balance of party records to much more introsoective songs that make people think. My only complaint would be that he talks about weed too much but that wouldn’t be Wiz Khalifa because right now in his life, that’s what he does. However this album is right at the top for one of the best albums of 2011 in my opinion.